First, you need to understand that the topic of adult entertainment in Mexico is quite specific, and when you turn to it, you risk quickly finding yourself on thin ice. Usually, finding adult clubs where you can admire seductive girls goes hand in hand with broader inquiries. So if you’re just a single man coming to Cancun for the purpose of sex tourism, navigating will be pretty easy.

Look for massage parlors or spas. Usually, to get their delicate list of services across quickly and clearly, they communicate it with appropriate advertising media. In other words, if you see a seemingly quite banal spa salon advertising board in the form of a female silhouette with seductive forms, you can be sure – here, besides a massage, you can get a lot more. Nevertheless, let us remind you that all this is at your own risk because such activities are not encouraged by local authorities, although in many states this business is decriminalized.

There was entire neighborhood in Cancun till 2011 that was called the «tolerance zone». But it was eventually dismantled and its small fragments scattered around Downtown Cancun.

However, if you prefer quieter entertainment, we have some contacts and recommendations.

1.La Premier

This name comes up most often in adult entertainment summaries, though its exact location shrouded in mystery. All we know is that it is located in Downtown Cancun and quite far from the hotels area. However, seasoned tourists claim that any cab driver knows it.  Ready to take a chance?

  • + Used to be very popular, and 10 years ago was considered the best strip club in Cancun.
  • – Current status unknown.

Address: unknown.

2.El Ejecutivo Piano Bar

Now it’s the only institution in Cancun that presents a relatively good rating and even good reviews. Although we do not quite understand people who write strip club reviews on Google Maps. In general, you can personally experience all the delights.

  • + Good location – close to the hotel area.
  • – Probably very subjective reviews.

Address: Calle 7 65, 64, 77524 Cancún.


An interesting organization of local dancers who are willing to give you an erotic show for an appropriate fee in a specified and, of course, appropriate location. The service is in demand among both young men coming to Cancun for a bachelor party and young girls thirsting for piquant entertainment.

Much easier in Cancun for members of the LGBTQ community. Entertainment venues for them are «no hiding places» and if you feel like visiting a club with a rainbow atmosphere, we’ll share a couple of addresses.

4.11:11 Gay Club

Several dance floors with different styles of music, from pop to techno, karaoke, dance, and strip shows.

  • + The club will definitely appeal to girls who like to relax with young men without sexual pretensions to them. Of course, this is definitely one of the best gay venues of its kind. The management of the club is quite attentive to the service.
  • – It can be very crowded.

Address: Av Tulum Smz 22 Mz 5 Lote 33, Centro, 77500 Cancún.

5.Laser Hot Bar Beer & Queer

By «‎amazing» coincidence this drag queen bar with its original dance and stand-up shows is next to the above-mentioned 11:11. Who knows, maybe it’s here, in this neighborhood, you can find some more exotic establishments, about which you can tell only to your closest friends.

  • + Visitors praise the local transvestite shows.
  • – A place for sure.

Address: Av Tulum 45, 22, 77500 Cancún.

Interesting facts about adult entertainment in Cancun:

On average, the entrance fee is $25-$30 per person, and be ready for exorbitant prices on cocktails and drinks, even beer.

The cost of a private dance starts at $30.
If you feel like chatting with a stripper you like at your table, she will be sure to order the most expensive cocktail on the menu or even two. The dancers in Cancun make excellent money on commissions from the drinks sold with their serving. The funniest thing is that it probably won’t be a cocktail with strong or expensive alcohol, since girls at work can drink a little but getting drunk is forbidden.

Continuing the evening in with a girl you like will make your wallet lighter by at least $100 more. Usually, you need to offer so much that she just agreed to leave with you from the club. However, remember that if you want to invite a stripper to the hotel, on top you will have to put up another $700 or even more.

Just in case you need to bring cash or preliminary find out about charges from your credit card. They can be substantially inflated here.
Since the vast majority of strip clubs are located downtown, away from Cancun’s main promenade, you will have to order a cab to transfer from your hotel. Given the distance and the final destination, the driver is unlikely to be shy when billing the check. The round-trip voyage will rarely cost spicy lovers less than $50.

No offense, but to the locals, you’re nothing more than a wallet densely packed with high-denomination bills. Theoretically, you might get lucky with service if you speak at least fluent Spanish. Most of the time, though, the annoying and sometimes even aggressive waiters will insist that you buy the most expensive bottle of champagne or wine. Stripper girls are more likely to be more affectionate, but they will also not be shy in their wishes, since it directly depends on how much they will take home the earned tips in the morning.

The important thing to remember is that you pay for each drink as soon as it was brought. This way you will be less surprised to see the final bill from the bartender.

  • Another thing to remember: is that many of the girls actually JUST DANCE! No additional services! You can only enjoy their dancing and that’s it! If you want more – go to the spa.

Thus, the estimated amount that you can spend for a couple of hours in a strip club will cost, on average, $300. Of course, without any sexual services. We counted cab fare, entrance fee, lap dance, and the average bar tab for a beer or cocktail.

So that’s a quick tour of Cancun’s adult entertainment. What else is worth mentioning?

  • The local sex industry, while complying with the health regulations imposed by the local authorities, often does so rather sluggishly. We understand that you’re an adult and don’t need to be reminded of that, but still be sure to use all available means of protection.
  • There are quite a few adult and gay-friendly hotels, so make sure you know about this before you enter the area. If you are conservative, your vacation can be spoiled, although there will be no one to blame for this.
  • We understand that our list turned out to be quite compact and modest, however, we used open sources, and on the spot, you can easily find something «hot». Both locals and social networks will definitely help with this.
  • With all of the above points, Cancun remains one of the safest places in Mexico, but we highly recommend not visiting outlying areas of Downtown in search of sexual adventures.