Cabo San Lucas has beaches suitable for sunbathing and beaches ideal for water sports and activities such as snorkeling, jet skiing and yacht tours. In addition, it is worth noting that some of them are designated with the Blue Flag, one of the most valuable environmental awards in the world, indicating the high level of the beach. To be eligible for this recognition, the water in the beach area must be suitable for safe bathing and meet high quality standards.

Well, there are many excellent beaches on the peninsula, but so that you can choose exactly the one that is perfect for your needs and preferences, we have selected the top ten beaches of Cabo San Lucas especially for you!

1.Medano Beach

Located in the heart of the resort town, Medano Beach tops the list of the most popular beaches in Cabo San Lucas.

In addition to soft white sand and ideal bathing conditions, the beach offers everything you need for water sports. Volleyball games are constantly played on the shore here, and extreme lovers can go on a parachute trip. The beach can be safely recommended for holidaymakers with children, as there are shallow fenced areas for swimming along it.

Medano Beach is also the center of local social life, which is filled with numerous restaurants and bars, noisy parties, and a succession of luxury hotels. Here you can also find many vendors selling souvenirs, jewelry, and sombreros. This place does not suit those who are looking for privacy, because the beach is always crowded, and especially busy on weekends and during the spring vacations. If you like a noisy and active atmosphere, this beach is an ideal choice.

Where is the beach:

Medano Beach is located on the north side of Cabo San Lucas Marina in the center of town.

The best entertainment near Medano Beach:

  • Right on the beach you can book any excursion. The most popular is the boat trip to Lovers’ Beach and the nearby landmark, the world-famous El Arco, where you can go scuba diving or snorkeling.

Why it is one of the best beaches:

  • In addition to being the safest bathing beach in Cabo San Lucas, Medano Beach offers a wealth of activities for every taste: surfing, kayaking, parasailing, boogie boarding, water skiing, as well as visiting popular restaurants, shopping centers and nightlife.


  • To avoid loud music and crowds, head to the beach restaurant and bar Tabasco, which has a quieter atmosphere.

2.Lovers’ Beach (or Playa del Amor)

The famous Lovers’ Beach is considered one of the most beautiful beaches in Mexico, as it is an isolated area that can only be reached by water.

Washed by the Sea of Cortez, the beach is characterized by unusual rock shapes and the clearest water in which swimming is allowed.

Many sightseeing tours stop at the beach so that vacationers can go scuba diving or snorkeling, because in the waters here you can find amazing colonies of fish, rays and even seals. The island itself is densely populated with wildlife – you can see a lot of exotic birds, and pelicans. And nearby there is the famous natural monument El Arco, which impresses with its majestic appearance.

How to get to the beach:

  • One way to get to Lovers’ Beach is with a boat tour from Cabo San Lucas. You can also take a kayak to Medano Beach and swim to the beach on your own or order a water cab there.

The best entertainment near Lovers’ Beach:

  • With its rich marine life, Lovers Beach is ideal for snorkeling or diving.

Why it is one of the best beaches:

  • The calm waters of Lovers Beach are ideal for swimming. Also thanks to the picturesque scenery and striking rock formations, this place is very popular for great photo shoots.


  • If you want to make a romantic trip to the beach with your significant other without a lot of other people, go there early in the morning or late in the evening.
  • Wear a bathing suit right away, there are no changing rooms and toilets on the beach.

3.Beach of the Divorced (or Playa del Divorcio)

A few meters away from Lover’s Beach, but on the Pacific side, is Divorced Beach. No one knows exactly why it’s called that, but locals joke that the waters here are always rough. Indeed, swimming here is extremely dangerous and prohibited because of the strong currents and occasional killer waves. However, it is still a great beach to enjoy a walk along the beach and sunbathing.

How to get to the beach:

  • You can get to the Divorced Beach through a break in the rocks on the Lovers’ Beach side by walking just a few meters.

The best entertainment near the beach of the Divorced:

  • Impressive cliffs and high extreme waves create great photo opportunities, so don’t forget to bring your camera! It’s also a great place to sunbathe or picnic on the white sand.

Why it is one of the best beaches:

  • Divorced Beach has no infrastructure, is quiet and does not disturb the vendors. It’s a secluded spot that contrasts beautifully with the calm waters of Lovers’ Beach and is ideal for a quiet holiday.


  • Because of the lack of any services and vendors on the beach, be sure to bring beach supplies and a snack.

4.Chileno Beach

One of the best beaches in Cabo San Lucas is definitely Playa Chileno. It is located next to the hotel area and the luxury Chileno Bay Resort & Residences.

This beach with clear water and a gentle entrance is perfectly safe for swimming. The swimming areas here are cordoned off to keep out boats.

If you like scuba diving, then Chileno is definitely to your liking. In the clear and calm waters of this beach there is a very beautiful coral reef, which makes this place ideal for snorkeling enthusiasts.
The beach offers all the necessary amenities, including free parking, showers, toilets and boardwalks, as well as lifeguards on duty. However, there are virtually no stores or restaurants along the shoreline, so snacks and drinks are better taken with you.

How to get to the beach:

  • Chileno Beach can be reached by rental car or cab in about 18 minutes from downtown Cabo San Lucas.

The best entertainment near Chileno Beach:

  • The safe and clear waters of Chileno Beach are great for snorkeling. You can go on a one-day sea tour or use your own equipment and see beautiful coral formations, tropical fish, sea urchins and turtles.

Why it is one of the best beaches:

  • Chileno Beach is one of the cleanest beaches in Mexico. In 2015, it was awarded the Blue Flag for the cleanliness of the water. Motorized sports are also forbidden here, as the beach is protected as a marine reserve.


  • The best time to visit it is in the morning hours on weekdays. On weekends it can be crowded.

5.Santa Maria Beach

Another famous place for snorkeling in Cabo San Lucas is Santa Maria Beach.

Although it is not as popular as the neighboring Chileno beach in the tourist corridor, this beautiful horseshoe-shaped beach is definitely worth a visit. Its underwater flora and fauna are striking in their vividness, beauty, and complexity. Awarded the Blue Flag, the beach is also known for its clean and safe bathing waters.

On-site amenities include toilets, showers, and parking. A definite plus of the beach is that there are almost no vendors advertising their wares, and there are not very many people here, which makes it an ideal place for privacy and tranquility.

How to get to the beach:

  • Santa Maria Beach can be reached by rental car, cab or local bus in 19 minutes from the city center. It is located between Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo.

The best entertainment near Santa Maria Beach:

  • You can use your own equipment or go on a sea tour by catamaran or sailboat to go snorkeling or diving.

Why it is one of the best beaches:

  • Santa Maria Beach is one of the few places in Mexico where you can see whales while snorkeling.


  • There are no restaurants and stores, so take everything you need, water and drinks with you.

6.Palmilla Beach

Located in the tourist corridor of Los Cabos, Palmilla Beach is a great option for solo travelers, groups of friends and especially families. The calm and clear waters of the beach are ideal for swimming, even for the youngest children.

It is labeled «Blue Flag», awarded only to those beaches that meet stringent criteria, including safety and accessibility standards.

And because there are no tourist boats, no vendors and not many people, Palmilla Beach allows you to experience a more authentic local atmosphere.

The beach is ideal for water sports such as surfing, snorkeling and kayaking. You can also watch local fishermen launch their boats for the daily catch or even witness the annual triathlon competition.

  • Palmilla Beach provides amenities such as outdoor showers and public toilets, and there is a lifeguard on duty on a regular basis.

There are no restaurants or stores near the beach, so you’ll need to bring your own supplies.

How to get to the beach:

  • The easiest way to get to Palmilla Beach is to hire a cab or drive yourself in a rental car about 25 minutes from downtown Cabo San Lucas.

The best entertainment near Palmilla Beach:

  • The calm waters of Palmilla Beach are great for kayaking and canoeing. You can rent them directly from the rentals on the beach or in the stores in town.

Why it is one of the best beaches:

  • Palmilla Beach is ideal for families. It is sandy and shallow and has a shallow entrance to the water, so children can comfortably swim and build sandcastles on the beach.


  • Come to the beach as early as possible to be able to take a swanky seat under the straw palapa.

7.Serritos Beach

Serritos Beach, about 10 minutes from downtown Todos Santos, is a must-visit if you go to Southern Baja California. Here you can enjoy the crystal clear waters of Cerritos, relaxing shade areas, and great restaurants and bars on site.

But perhaps the main reason for some people to visit this beach is world-class surfing – there are great big waves year-round, and there are also board rentals and lessons for beginners.

The place has long been a favorite among adventurers from all over the world, and what makes it even more attractive is the traditional Mexican atmosphere around it.

How to get to the beach:

  • By cab or rental car, it takes about an hour to get there, keeping the road north on Highway 19 to Todos Santos. Cerritos Beach is located a few miles from the city on the right side.

The best entertainment near Cerritos Beach:

  • Here you can take private surfing lessons and ride your first Mexican wave under the responsive guidance of professional coaches.

Why it is one of the best beaches:

  • Cerritos Beach is the only safe beach on the Pacific side, offering good bathing conditions. It is also the best year-round surfing beach in Los Cabos.


  • Although the beach is safe, beware of strong currents. Sometimes it is better to stay on shore than to swim too far from the edge.

8.Coral Negro Beach

Located in the heart of Cabo San Lucas, right at the entrance of the marina, Coral Negro Beach is one of the underrated and little-known beaches of the city. It is usually frequented by locals and those tourists who have been visiting Cabo San Lucas for years.

The beach is also called «canning beach» because of the abandoned tuna canning factory located nearby.

This picturesque place is characterized by massive boulders, on which you can sit or shelter from the sun – they create excellent shade. The water is ideal for swimming, and some visitors go snorkeling here. There are also frequent tours leading to other attractions on this beach.

How to get to the beach:

  • You can reach Coral Negro Beach by walking from the pier along the west shore.

The best entertainment near Coral Negro Beach:

  • You can snorkel here, just enjoy swimming and sunbathing, or go on a sea tour by kayak to Lovers’ Beach.

Why it is one of the best beaches:

  • One of the few beaches in the ranking that has natural shaded areas.


  • Arrive early on weekdays or weekends to get a seat under the straw umbrella.

9.Bledito Beach (or Tequila Cove)

One of the best bathing beaches in Cabo San Lucas with a large artificial breakwater that allows you to swim safely in the water. The beach is covered with golden soft sand, the entrance to the water is gentle.

Located in front of the Hilton Hotel, the beach is partly owned by the hotel and the rest is accessible to everyone.

Here you can do some water sports. Equipment rentals are located in the area between the hotel and the beach, dotted with thatched palapas. You can also visit a Mexican restaurant overlooking the ocean nearby. And the shoreline here is great for walking on the beach, jogging, and horseback riding.

Where is the beach:

  • The beach is located in the Los Cabos tourist corridor west of the protected bay of Playa Cabo Real.

The best entertainment near Bledito Beach:

  • Here you can take a banana boat ride, play beach volleyball or buy a day pass to the Hilton Beach Club, which allows you to use the pool and other hotel facilities.

Why it is one of the best beaches:

  • There is a huge artificial breakwater on Bledito Beach, which allows you to swim safely.


  • Keep in mind that the beach belongs to the Hilton Hotel, and most of the facilities are available only to hotel guests.

10.Solmar Beach

The beautiful sandy beach of Solmar is located in the hotel area in the south of Cabo San Lucas. It gets its name from its affiliation with the Solmar hotel chain, which stretches along the long beachfront. However, like all beaches in the resort city, it is public and accessible to all vacationers.

Solmar Beach is definitely worth a visit for the sunbathing on the clean sandy coastline and the stunning views of the sunset.

However, this is not a beach for swimming – the battering currents here are very strong, and occasional killer waves are not uncommon.

Enjoy the beauty around you, but stay out of the water.

Where is the beach:

  • The beach is located on the Pacific side of Cabo San Lucas and extends from the cliffs at Land’s End to the base of Pedregal to the west.

The best entertainment near Solmar Beach:

  • Although it is dangerous to swim here because of the strong back current, it is nevertheless a wonderful place for romantic sunset strolls.

Why it is one of the best beaches:

  • Solmar Beach is one of the few places in Mexico where you can watch whales during the winter months.


  • The best time to vacation at Solmar Beach is the warm season from May to November.