Mazatlán has a relaxed atmosphere and the locals are very kind and hospitable. Many tourists visit this city every year and spend their vacations or weekends cheerfully and carefree.

To make your vacation in the resort town go as well as possible, we have made a selection of the most interesting places to visit, the most popular entertainment and activities in Mazatlan.

1.Visit the most romantic place in Mazatlán – El Faro Lighthouse

  • El Faro Lighthouse is located at the very top of Cerro del Creston Hill (157 m above sea level).

It is known that until 1905, passing ships mistook El Faro for a star. The reason was that the lighthouse had a static lamp, not a rotating one.

The ascent to the lighthouse observation deck is steep and takes at least half an hour, but it’s worth it. From a bird’s-eye view, you and your significant other can breathe in the fresh sea air, enjoy the sunset, and the beauty of the Mazatlán and the Pacific Ocean. It’s hard to imagine a more pastoral landscape.

Interesting fact: El Faro is the highest natural lighthouse in the world (135 m).

2.On weekends, go to Machado Square

If you want to feel the atmosphere of fun, joy and serenity in Mazatlán, you should definitely visit Machado Square on weekends. This is one of the oldest squares in the city, with theaters, museums, cafes and bars as well as hotels all around its perimeter. You can have a great time here as many people gather there, including: talented artists showing their paintings, street performers, dancers, and musicians playing mariachi. People dance to the folk music right on the square.

Interesting fact: the square was founded in 1837. The construction was under the direction of a rich merchant – Don Juan Machado.

3. Get a dose of adrenaline while ziplining, experiencing 12 trails of different lengths and heights

Enjoying wildlife, seeing villages, ziplining, experiencing different cable cars, and trying the best Mexican cuisine (like grated beef burritos) is all possible if you take the Veraneando Zipline Tour.

The journey begins in the small village of Veranos, 34 mi from Mazatlán. You will be taken there in a comfortable minibus and on arrival you will be given all the necessary safety equipment. Then 12 different trails are waiting for you, some of them are more than 900 feet long. At the end of the tour there is an opportunity to visit a local restaurant.

The tour is sure to appeal to all those who love speed, extreme.

The cost is $109 (per person).

Not only adults can take part, but also children over the age of eight.

Interesting fact: instead of dinner at a local restaurant, everyone can choose a small excursion to the mescal factory and take part in its tasting.

4.Take a walk along the Malecon promenade

The Malecon promenade is a great place for walking with family and friends, as well as cycling and roller skating. The promenade consists of 9 sections with a total length of 10 mi, starts in the south near El Faro lighthouse and ends near Nuevo Mazatlan in the north. On one side of Malecon goes a succession of Mazatlán beaches and cliffs, and on the other side there are souvenir and food stores, bars, hotels, historic buildings and various architectural monuments.

Interesting fact: Malecon is among the longest promenades in the world.

5.Have an unforgettable experience at the Angela Peralta Theater

While on vacation in Mexico, you have a great opportunity to visit the famous Angela Peralta Theater. The hall in the theater is beautiful and cozy, decorated in the Mexican style. It seats 800 people and has balconies.

It is easy to find your way to the theater, because it is located near the historical center of Mazatlán. Here you can visit not only a play, but also a ballet opera, an art exhibition, a jazz or symphonic concert, a performance by the local dance company Delfos Danza Contemporanea, just ask for the exact schedule.

  • The cost of admission for tourists usually does not exceed $0.78.

Interesting fact: The theater opened in 1860 and was named after a Mexican opera singer, who at the age of 20 became famous literally to the whole world.

6.Try the seafood at Joe’s Oyster Bar

Joe’s Oyster Bar is famous for the most delicious seafood in the entire resort town. It is located right on the beach, not far from the Ramada Resort Mazatlan.

Visit Joe’s Oyster Bar and enjoy freshly made ceviche, shrimp, oysters, gabi leaf stew, and a beautiful view of the ocean. The prices at the establishment will please you. You can have fun all night at Joe’s Oyster Bar, because after 8 p.m. the best club music, dance beats, cortados, beer and margaritas are played.

Interesting fact: The bar regularly hosts costume parties for various holidays: Halloween, Christmas, Easter, Mexican Independence Day, International Motorcycle Day, etc.

7.Enjoy your stay at Isla de las Piedras

Isla de las Piedras is a great place for rest, relaxation and recuperation.

You can go to Isla de las Piedras as part of a tour group or on your own. The beginning of your itinerary is the marina Playa Sur Embarcadero. From there, it’s only a $2 boat ride to your destination.

Isla de las Piedras has a vast coastline with many beautiful secluded beaches. There are also “palapa” restaurants serving Mexican cuisine and seafood, regular discos, as well as catamaran and ATV rentals, snorkeling and scuba diving equipment. You can also go horseback riding, surfing, water-skiing, banana boat riding, and watch different kinds of seabirds at the farthest end of Stone Island.

Interesting fact: you can also get to the island by buses Playa Sur, which depart daily from the square of the main Cathedral of Mazatlán, but it will be much more expensive.

8.Learn all about sea creatures and their way of life at one of Mexico’s largest aquariums

Acuario Mazatlan is considered the best place to tour with children. It is located on Mar Avenue. The oceanarium is home to over 250 species of freshwater and marine fish, jellyfish, birds, reptiles, and mammals. Every day (three times a day) there is an animal feeding show on the grounds. The main stars on it are sea lions, which perform fantastic numbers both in the water and in the air. Also Acuario Mazatlan is famous for its museum, where there are exhibitions of divers, snails, fishing methods used all over the world.

Interesting fact: The city’s premium aquarium also hosts Humboldt penguin shows.

9.Don’t miss the opportunity to visit the Museo de Conchas

Museo de Conchas is one of the most unusual and surprising museums in all Mazatlán. It is located near the local beach of Las Gaviotas. In the museum you can admire a collection of shells from the Sea of Cortez, the Pacific Ocean. They are all different shapes, sizes and colors. The shells are so diverse that it is simply impossible to find two that are exactly the same. Among all the exhibits of Museo de Conchas you will also see corals and fossils extracted from the depths of the sea, you can see the real suit of a nineteenth century U.S. Navy diver.

Interesting fact: in 1988 in the building of the museum a unique fountain of shells was built , a diameter of about 20 m.

10.Take a tour of Pacifico Brewery

In Mexico Pacífico beer is considered the best accompaniment to the national cuisine. It goes well with seafood, grilled meat or fish.

Tourists in Mazatlán never deny themselves the pleasure of visiting the Pacífico brewery. During the tour there is a good opportunity to taste Pacífico beer, enjoy the breathtaking view of the spa town, and see the famous pipe of the brewery, which is considered an indispensable symbol of Mazatlán.

Interesting fact: Pacifico Brewery was founded in 1900 by Hermann Evers, Jorge Claussen and Emilio Filippi.

11.Visit the local market Pino Suarez as part of a walking tour

Since the market of Pinot Suarez is a real architectural landmark of Mazatlán, you can visit it on your own or as part of a walking tour, the cost of which is $72. It should be noted that the market is open daily from 3:30 a.m., as established by the rules.

It is known that Pino Suarez was founded in the 19th century on the site of a former bullring. The structures of cast iron pillars and wrought iron still amaze thousands of travelers. On the second floor of the market there are small restaurants with local specialties. During the tour you can not only explore the architectural landmark, but also buy souvenirs, beachwear, fresh fruits and vegetables.

Interesting fact: The original name of the market was «Romero Rubio».

12.Tickle your nerves at the famous Devil’s Cave

If you’re not the shy type, when strolling through Malecon, be sure to check out the Devil’s Cave. The locals tell many legends about its origins, and the graffiti of street artists on the walls of the cave not only attracts attention, but also maintains a kind of mysterious image.

There is a belief that the Devil’s Cave is very dangerous, you can get lost, trapped by the devil and never get out. In fact, the cave has nothing to do with the netherworld. On the contrary, in the 19th century, it served people instead of a refrigerator, because the sun never fell into it, and it was possible to store blocks of ice, covered with saline solution.

Interesting fact: at the time of the French invasion, the cave served as a place to store ammunition.

13.Watch the diving show in Punta de Cladavista

The literal translation of the Spanish word for this place is «the place of divers». The spectacular and fascinating spectacle takes place on the rocky coast (near Playa Olas Altas beach) every day at 7 p.m.

The show begins by going around to the assembled audience. The divers themselves call this action «collecting tips».

Only after that does the long-awaited performance begin, and the virtuoso jumps into the waters of the sea are performed.

Interesting fact: every Sunday the program is supplemented by something new, for example, jumping into the water with a burning torch.

14.Surf at Playa Bruja Beach

If you want to go surfing during your vacation in Mazatlán, you will not find a better place than Playa Bruja beach. Here the waves reach 2,5 m or even 3 m. On the coast you can always rent surfboards in the rental store or in a specialized store. If you get hungry, you will be fed with delicious lobsters for a low price in a restaurant located right on the beach.

Interesting fact: Playa Bruja is a beach in the north of Mazatlán. It is never crowded.

15.Get a lot of positive emotions at the Mazatlán Carnival

If you arrive in Mexico in February or March, be sure to visit the Mazatlán Carnival. Up to thirty unusually decorated carriages usually take part in the procession. They move along Olas Altas and Paseo Claussen, to the sounds of the corrido.

During the carnival there are interesting activities. For example, the Battle of the Ships. It lasts almost 60 minutes and is a pyrotechnical show to the sound of music. Its meaning is to remember that in 1864, the locals defended the port from the French invasion. In addition, there is a ritual to burn off bad spirits.

Many tourists are attracted by the gastronomic variety presented at the carnival fair, as well as handicrafts, souvenirs, raffle prizes.

Interesting fact: Corridos are musical pieces whose lyrics refer to the most famous locals.

16.Go sport fishing in Mazatlan

July and August are the best months in Mazatlán for catching dorado, blue marlin, sailfish, yellowfin tuna, wahoo, and swordfish in the Pacific waters. You can go sport fishing on your own with a license ($15). The cost of renting a small boat with an outboard motor for the day is $275. If you want to order 4-hour tour, for example, deep-sea fishing (30 mi from the shore) using different techniques of catching fish, the cost will be from $475 for a group of four people.

  • You will be provided with everything you need: tackle, rods, reel, bait and bait. This price also includes a license, cleaning the fish and filleting it.

Interesting fact: If you are a beginner, it is advisable to book a fishing tour right away. The captain of the boat is sure to teach you different fishing techniques: jigging, trolling, fly fishing, bottom fishing, heavy and light tackle, etc.

17.Visit the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Mazatlán

If you want to reflect on religion or just study the architecture of the city, you must visit the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary. It is a very unusual place with a beautiful facade and stained glass windows. Inside the cathedral there are golden statues and unique wall paintings. It is known that in 1899 for the construction of the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary a considerable sum was donated by one of the Jewish families living at that time in Mazatlan. The people of the city did not know how to thank them, but they soon decided to place an image of the Star of David on the highest windows.

Interesting fact: The Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary is the only Catholic cathedral with Jewish symbols.

18.Take a commemorative photo at Monumento Mujer Mazalteca

When walking through Malecon, you can’t help but notice the monument «The Woman of Mazatlán».

The monument is located on a pedestal, the bottom of which is lined with marble slabs with embossed names of famous people of the spa town. The bronze figure with her arms open to embrace the feminine warmth, love, care, beauty. This is how the beautiful half of humanity relates to their loved ones.

Interesting fact: Monumento Mujer Mazalteca is the creation of Gabriel Ruiz. It was installed on the waterfront in November 1983.

19.Travel around Mazatlán on Pulmonia

You will not find Pulmonia in any city in the state of Sinaola, except for Mazatlán. This transport is the most popular here. It is much cheaper to travel around the city in a Pulmonia than in an ordinary cab.

The appearance of the car immediately attracts the attention of many tourists, as it slightly resembles a golf cart.

  • Only the strange name raises doubts, because «pulmonia» in Spanish means pneumonia.

But locals assure that the car was named by cab drivers, who persuaded potential customers to refuse to travel in a competitive vehicle, citing the argument that they could easily get sick.

Interesting fact: there is a monument to this vehicle on the Malecon promenade.

20.Enjoy shrimp dishes at Puerto Azul

To enjoy freshly cooked seafood, you can go to Puerto Azul Restaurant.

It is located on the Malecon promenade near the Plaza Amigo Hotel and is famous for its best shrimp dishes and interesting presentation. They are fried with spices, cooked in coconut, boiled and added to salads, etc. In addition, the restaurant’s menu includes oysters, fish dishes (mostly tuna), a large variety of seafood cocktails.

Puerto Azul Restaurant is open daily from 11:30 to 19:00 and you can reserve tables in advance. Here you can have lunch or dinner while enjoying a beautiful view of the ocean.

Interesting fact: The Puerto Azul restaurant burned to the ground in 2017, but was promptly rebuilt and continued to operate.

21.Sail as part of a sightseeing group to Isla de Venados on the catamaran Kolonahe

  • Right in the middle of the sea in Mazatlán are three islands that are part of a reserve designed to protect birds and marine life: Isla de Pajaros, Isla de Chivos and Isla de Venados.
  • Deer Island is the most visited island. This is where you can go on a 5-hour excursion aboard the 55-foot catamaran Kolonahe. The island is uninhabited, so you will have a great time away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Tourists are offered: kayaking, snorkeling at Deer Island Reef, kayaking, banana boat rides, a mini-trip along the shoreline (to observe the sea lion colony).
  • The cost of the tour is $59 for adults and $36 for children. This price includes Mexican lunch and drinks in addition to transportation, entertainment, and guide services. Tours are offered Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 9:30 a.m. Departure from the marina at El Cid Mega Resort.

Interesting fact: If you want to go on a tour with children under the age of four, the trip will be absolutely free for them.

22.Go shopping at the local Liverpool Mall

When you come to vacation in another country, you always want to buy something memorable for yourself and your family: souvenirs, handmade figurines, jewelry, national clothing and more. As practice shows, in Mexico, almost every tourist, in addition to souvenirs, tries to buy a sombrero or colorful poncho, as well as a small bottle of tequila.

If in Mazatlán you want to find and buy different gifts in one place, the Liverpool Shopping Center is perfect for this purpose. On 60m² there are outlets with clothes, cosmetics, shoes, souvenirs, jewelry, decorative items and related products. Believe me, you will find absolutely everything you need there.

Interesting fact: this department store is the 94th in the Liverpool chain, founded in 1847.

23.Attend baseball games in Mazatlan

If you like baseball, you can enjoy playing local teams at the stadium on your vacation in Mazatlán (between October and January). The most popular is the Venados, also known as the Deers. The team is in the Mexican Pacific League.

Before every baseball game, Venados’ mascot, Venny, appears in the stadium.

His goal is to cheer up the players and show his talents to the public. Fans always come to the game with merchandise. You can buy them right on the territory in special tents. Sometimes at half-time a «kissing camera» works. People, whose image appears on a giant stadium screen, have to kiss each other.

It’s very convenient to buy a season ticket for several games at once and not to worry that the box office will not have tickets if you’re a little late to the start of the game.

Interesting fact: Throughout the baseball season, Mazatlan hosts various theme nights. For example: weekend family games, free beer night, ladies’ night on Thursdays.

24.Spend a day at Alfiland Water Park

Every day from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm you can visit the water park Alfiland, located near the airport in Mazatlán. To get there you need to take a cab or rent a car. The trip to the water park takes no more than 20 minutes.

Alfiland has many pools (heated, artificial waves, etc.) and water multi-colored slides of different sizes for children and adults. Food and drinks are available for an additional fee. The cost of admission is $7.

Interesting fact: children under two years of age do not need to purchase a ticket, admission for them is completely free.

25.Take a trip to Concordia and Copala

  • For tourists to visit the Mexican countryside and experience the fascinating mix of colonial and post-colonial cultures in Mazatlán, there is a 6-hour tour to Concordia and Copala.

The first village you visit is Concordia. There they make handmade furniture, sell pottery and bricks. Then, together with the group, you will go to the Sierra Madre mountains, to the village of Copala, which is more than 400 years old. You can explore the surroundings, visit the church of San Jose, the old prison and the silver mining sites. Then you will have lunch and non-alcoholic drinks in a local restaurant.

Interesting fact: the cost of the tour is $ 55 per person, this includes: road, guide services, lunch at Chalva’s restaurant.

26.Sing karaoke and try tequila at The Last Drop

The Last Drop is an outdoor restaurant near Cerritos. On Thursdays there is bingo, and on Mondays and Saturdays you can sing your favorite song at karaoke. For billiards fans there is a table to play. Restaurant menu includes Mexican and Italian dishes (ribeye, steak, lobster, barbecue ribs, ceviche, vegetable pizza, garlic shrimps and more) and different drinks (tequila, margarita, beer).

Interesting fact: The Last Drop restaurant is famous for its unique brand of tequila, which is produced by the restaurant owner himself.

27.Discover a new kind of active recreation – parasailing

During your vacation in Mazatlán you have a unique opportunity to take a parachute flight over the sea.

You will not only get a lot of impressions, but also take incredible beauty aerial photos of the city from a bird’s-eye view.

You can sign up for parasailing and receive a safety briefing at the Posada Freeman Hotel & Beach Club (Golden Zone area) from Monday to Saturday.

  • The cost is $39, it includes: a flight over the Mazatlan at a height of 91 m, leisure on the hotel premises (swimming in the pool, drinks), rest on a private beach.

You only need to bring sunscreen, headgear, and extra money to buy food at the hotel.

Interesting fact: there is no age restriction for parasailing, but there is a weight restriction – people who weigh more than 240 pounds are not allowed.

28.Swim with wild dolphins in the open sea

On the Mazatlan Wild Dolphins 5-hour adventure tour, you will not only see wild dolphins of different species, but also learn a lot of useful information, swim with them in their natural habitat, and explore the underwater world by snorkeling and scuba diving. This eco-tour is unparalleled. It takes place under the keen guidance of experienced resort town naturalists as well as a guide.

  • The cost of the adventure tour is $109 for adults, $72 for children (ages 6-11).

Interesting fact: Mazatlan Wild Dolphins tour is seasonal (period from May 1 to October 31).

For many people, buying art is their favorite thing to do when traveling around the world. If you are one of them, we recommend you to visit the Nidart Gallery in Mazatlán. This place offers a wide range of unique Mexican art at pleasant prices: engravings, paintings, sculptures, masks, copper, paper, wood, shells and leather in different colors.

Interesting fact: The gallery was founded by a family living in Mazatlán in 1992 and was originally intended for the exhibition and sale of leather and clay products.

30.Learn to play golf at Club de Golf Campestre

The Campestre Golf Club is considered one of the oldest in Mazatlán, but despite this, it is perfect for those taking their first steps in the game. The golf club is located outside the city and has only 9 holes. Therefore, the cost of training is not as high as, for example, in respectable golf clubs.

Interesting fact: One of the advantages of Campestre is the on-site bar with snacks and refreshments.