1. Sandals Montego Bay

The cost of a vacation in Sandals Montego Bay — $925 for 1 night for 2 adults.

If you dream of a romantic vacation and a complete reboot, you should pay attention to the hotel in the Montego Bay area Sandals Montego Bay. From the reviews of real tourists you can learn that here is excellent service, the cost of living fully justifies the quality of services provided. Many of them are sure that if they go to Jamaica again, they will choose this hotel complex again.

So, Sandals Montego Bay is an all-inclusive hotel in Jamaica. It is for adults only. So if you dream of a break from the noise, children's screams and scattered toys, you should definitely consider this option.

Staying at the hotel allows you to always stay in touch with loved ones, free WI-FI access is available throughout the hotel complex. Just ask the password from the reception and stay online as long as you want.

  • Sandals Montego Bay has a clean beach, swimming pool, restaurant, bar and common lounge. There is also a food and beverage delivery service directly to your room. Breakfast is included in the price.
  • There is a lot of entertainment: a visit to the beach, the cleanliness of which is carefully monitored by hotel staff, there is karaoke, fitness club, spacious pool is outdoors.
  • The rooms have everything you need for a comfortable stay: the bathroom has toiletries, their sets are updated daily during room cleaning. Televisions and air conditioners are installed. There is a safe, which is responsible for the safety of your personal belongings.
  • There is always something to do on or near the hotel for lovers of active lifestyles. They can play team games: tennis, basketball, volleyball. The nearest golf course is only 1,8 mi away.
  • The administrator will offer you to relax your body and soul in the local hammam or sauna, to lie in the whirlpool bath.
Hotel location:
  • Closed Harbour Beach Park - 2,7 mi
  • Cornwall Court Park - 2,9 mi
  • Jarrett Park - 3 mi
  • Tropical Bliss Beach - 0,7 mi
  • Doctor's Cave Beach - 2,3 mi

  • Distance to airport: 0,9 mi
  • Distance to city center: 2,9 mi

Sandals Montego Bay advantages:

  • There is free parking.
  • Excellent all-inclusive service.
  • Free shuttle to/from the airport.
  • Many attractions within a radius of no more than 6,8 mi.
  • The perfect place for a wedding trip.

Sandals Montego Bay disadvantages:

  • According to reviews of real tourists no shortcomings revealed.

2. Couples Tower Isle

The cost of a vacation in Couples Tower Isle — $186 for 1 night for 2 adults.

This hotel was built back in 1948, in 2009 it was reconstructed, creating an ideal environment for tourists. Throughout its existence, the hotel complex has attracted the attention of travelers. There is a high quality of service and friendly staff attitude to guests. It is also worth highlighting its convenient location, it is within walking distance from the city center, a distance of only 0,6 mi.

The hotel has on-site parking, which is free for Couples Tower Isle guests. This is very valuable for those tourists who prefer to travel by car. If you decide to rent a car, there will be no difficulties with its parking. In order to get to the hotel from the airport and vice versa, you can order a shuttle service.

There is a spacious and clean swimming pool. It is worth noting that its condition is carefully monitored by the Couples Tower Isle staff. Healthy lifestyle enthusiasts, as well as those who do not want to gain extra pounds during their vacation, can visit the local fitness club. Only modern and high-quality equipment is installed at the gym, which guarantees the safety of the clients during their workouts. You can go canoeing nearby the hotel.

The rooms have everything you might need: the bathrooms have towels, slippers, bathrobes, hair dryer and skin care products. Televisions are installed, at any time you can watch satellite channels. There is a refrigerator and an air conditioner. Room service is available round the clock: at any time you can order delivery of food and drinks. Cleaning is done every day, it includes: throwing out trash from the room, change of bed linen and renewal of toiletries.

Hotel location:
  • Blue Hole - 3,6 mi
  • Konoko Falls & Park - 4,6 mi
  • White River - 1,9 mi
  • Shaw Park Gardens & Waterfalls - 5 mi

  • Distance to airport: 38 mi
  • Distance to city center: 0,6 mi

Couples Tower Isle advantages:

  • Wonderful and friendly staff.
  • A delicious breakfast is included in the price.
  • Some rooms have beautiful ocean views.
  • No children, which guarantees a quiet holiday.

Couples Tower Isle disadvantages:

  • Sometimes the weather conditions do not allow you to relax in the fresh air.

3. Hedonism II

The cost of a vacation in Hedonism II — $299 for 1 night for 2 adults.

Hedonism II Resort is a hotel in Jamaica, and it's for adults only. If you're tired of childish noise and routine parenting, this is the place to be. Welcome to the ultimate paradise!

Some people consider this place to be somewhat indecent, since bathing without clothes is not forbidden here. In fact, it's not quite like that. The hotel gives its guests, couples of lovers, the opportunity to enjoy each other's company. Here you can do things that are considered unacceptable in the average society. Those who have been here note that a vacation here is an unconditional sense of freedom. Couples from all over the world come here to have a real romantic vacation, their first or regular honeymoon. Even if someone sees you naked, you are unlikely to attract other people's attention. It's a variant of the norm here.

An important advantage of the hotel is also the fact that there are daily evening entertainment programs for guests. Tourists jokingly call Hedonism II Resort the Jamaican Broadway.

  • The hotel has 280 rooms in total. Each of them is equipped with everything you need. There is air conditioning, which is a must for those tourists who can hardly stand the heat. Each room has a refrigerator, you can cool your drinks or put away food that you didn't have time to consume.
  • The bathroom has a hair dryer and a full set of toiletries: bathrobes, slippers, soap, body cream, shower gels, shampoos and towels. Updating the set is done on a daily basis by the cleaning company's specialists.
  • Not far from the hotel there is an Italian restaurant Likkle Italy, which employs the best chefs in Jamaica.
  • There are many Negril attractions in relative proximity to Hedonism II Resort. You can go there on your own or with a tour group. We highly recommend a visit to Mary, Gate of Heaven Catholic Church, which is only 2,5 mi from the hotel.
Hotel location:
  • Original Mayfield Falls Jamaica - 4,9 mi 
  • Seven Mile Beach - 2,4 mi 
  • Half Moon Beach - 4,6 mi

  • Distance to airport: 30 mi
  • Distance to city center: 4,5 mi

Hedonism II advantages:

  • Great attitude to guests.
  • A full range of services.
  • Quick service.
  • Lots of attractions nearby.
  • Great food, delicious breakfasts, which are included in the price of the stay.

Hedonism II disadvantages:

  • According to reviews of real tourists no shortcomings revealed.

4. Couples Sans Souci

The cost of a vacation in Couples Sans Souci — $150 for 1 night for 2 adults.

Hotel Couples Sans Souci is located on the north coast of Jamaica near the town of Ocha Rios.

Its territory has all the infrastructure tourists need: there are 4 huge open-air swimming pools. They are spacious and capacious. Cleaning staff carefully monitors their cleanliness. Here you can always spend time with benefit for body and soul.

Healthy lifestyle advocates tend to worry a lot about losing their usual shape while on vacation. New places always mean new cuisine, you want to try everything at once. At Couples Sans Souci you won't have such a problem. There is a modern fitness club with quality and safe equipment. There are group programs such as yoga, pilates, and stretching. You can come here as many times as you want to burn off the calories you eat.

Speaking of calories, there are four restaurants and six bars. Each of them has a varied menu and adequate prices. Believe me, you will be delighted with every dish you try here.

  • The spa center is another advantage of the hotel. The salon provides a full range of spa services. Real professionals work here. They will breathe new life into your body.
  • Right from the Couples Sans Souci Hotel you can go on various excursions. For example, guests can take a mini-trip to Dans River Falls, take a ride on a glass-bottom boat, or visit the town of Margaritaville. It's only a seven-minute drive to Dolphin Bay. If you've never seen them in person, here you can not only watch them, but interact with them as well.
  • From the hotel there is a free shuttle to the shopping areas of the city. Here you can buy souvenirs.
  • The rooms have all the amenities. Installed appliances, which are necessary for a comfortable stay in the hotel. All bathroom amenities are provided absolutely free of charge.

The number of rooms in the hotel is 150.

Hotel location:
  • Dunn's River Falls and Park - 4,4 mi
  • Konoko Falls & Park - 2,7 mi
  • Turtle River Park - 2,8 mi
  • Mahogany Beach - 2 mi
  • Ocho Rios Bay Beach - 2,6 mi

  • Distance to airport: 38 mi
  • Distance to city center: 2,7 mi

Couples Sans Souci advantages:

  • You can order a shuttle to/from the airport.
  • Free Internet access.
  • You can order food with delivery to the room.
  • Breakfast is included.
  • The cleaning service performs a thorough cleaning of the rooms every day.

Couples Sans Souci disadvantages:

  • A small area of the hotel.

5. Couples Negril

The cost of a vacation in Couples Negril — $709 for 1 night for 2 adults.

Hotel feature: All-inclusive package includes catamaran cruise, shuttle to popular Sunset Bar and glass-bottom boat tour.

Another great all-inclusive hotel is for adults only. It is located in the western part of Jamaica, near the town of Negril. It's easy to get here from the airport, just book a shuttle service.

There are two spacious swimming pools on the territory of the hotel. They are outdoors.

There is a SPA-salon, which provides a full range of cosmetic services. Here you can afford to relax your body and soul. Special attention should be paid to the high level of qualification of the specialists who carry out their activities in this salon.

Breakfast at Couples Negril is included in the price. You can choose the variant you prefer: continental, vegan, American. In addition, you can have lunch and dinner without leaving the hotel. There are four restaurants here. It is worth noting the adequate price of the dishes. All of them are really delicious. If it is important for you on vacation to get acquainted with new cuisine, then Couples Negril is what will suit you perfectly. By the way, local chefs constantly travel the world in search of new recipes and find something new for themselves; they come back to Jamaica with interesting ideas that they put into practice. The vast majority of dishes on restaurant menus are Caribbean and Asian cuisine.

In the restaurants you can enjoy great live music. The hotel administration offers its visitors to organize a romantic dinner for two right on the beach. You will be surrounded by attentive waiters, all meals will be delicious, and musicians will play just for you two.

Many excursions in the immediate surroundings are available to you as a guest of Couples Negril. They are included in the price, so you can choose the ones you find most interesting or visit each of them.

Hotel location:
  • Long Bay Beach Park - 1 mi
  • Discovery Falls Park - 2,8 mi
  • Crocodile Reserve & Bird Sanctuary - 3 mi
  • Seven Mile Beach - 1,5 mi
  • Half Moon Beach - 4,2 mi

  • Distance to airport: 30 mi
  • Distance to city center: 4,4 mi

Couples Negril advantages:

  • Great room lighting.
  • Rooms are equipped with everything you need: technology and toiletries.
  • Live music in the restaurant.
  • Free Internet access.
  • There is a gym.
  • Very tasty breakfasts.

Couples Negril disadvantages:

  • The windows in the rooms on the first floor are low. Anyone passing by can look in the window.

6. Couples Swept Away

The cost of a vacation in Couples Swept Away — $152 for 1 night for 2 adults.

Hotel feature: Many different sightseeing tours, transfers and breakfasts are included in the price.

The attraction of Couples Swept Away is its location. The hotel is located in the heart of a tropical garden. Just imagine how spectacular it is. In addition, within walking distance of the hotel complex is Seven Mile Beach, which is considered one of the most picturesque in Jamaica.

The hotel has absolutely everything for a great vacation. Several spacious open-air pools ensure that there is enough room in and around the water for everyone. The hotel has its own beach area, so tourists do not need to look for a place to bask in the Jamaican sun. There is a spa center, which provides a variety of services. The work is done by qualified specialists. By the way, there is another pool in the spa center, and there is also a steam bath, which will noticeably improve the well-being of the visitors of the salon.

Separately, it is worth highlighting a great variety of cuisine. There are 5 restaurants on the territory of the hotel complex. All menus differ from each other. There is Thai cuisine, grill. Guests will definitely appreciate the offered Jamaican snacks. Would you like to have dinner on the beach? Have a romantic evening? No problem! It's easy. The cook and waiters will work that evening just for you. You'll have to pay extra for that, of course, but trust me, it's worth it.

This hotel is perfect for lovers of luxury interiors. The bedrooms in the rooms are made of cedar. The furniture is beautifully combined with wood blinds. Here we also pay attention to the equipment of the rooms.  Very many of them have a separate balcony, but this information should be clarified when booking. An air conditioner will save you from the scorching heat. There are kettles and refrigerators everywhere. The rooms are cleaned daily by a cleaning company, whose staff changes bed linen, renews the set of bath amenities, removes trash, cleans the dust and mops the floors. Each room has two safes, one for valuables and one for gadgets.

Hotel location:
  • Negril Public Park - 1,1 mi
  • PCJ Royal Palm Reserve - 1,4 mi
  • Discovery Falls Park - 2,8 mi
  • Bloody Bay Beach - 3,1 mi
  • Homers Cove Beach - 6 mi

  • Distance to airport: 31 mi
  • Distance to city center: 1,4 mi

Couples Swept Away advantages:

  • Airport shuttle is free of charge.
  • Delicious breakfasts.
  • Nice atmosphere, friendly staff.
  • A wide range of additional services that can be provided for a fee.

Couples Swept Away disadvantages:

  • Dress code in restaurants. You can't wear jeans.
  • Slow service.

7. Sandals Negril Beach

The cost of a vacation in Sandals Negril Beach — $571 for 1 night for 2 adults.

The main advantage of Sandals Negril Beach Resort and Spa, according to tourists, is the excellent ratio of room rental price and quality of service. Rest in this hotel is perfect for couples who are tired of home routine. There is a particularly cozy and romantic atmosphere, which did not leave indifferent any guest.

Just 2,6 mi away is Negril Mary's most popular landmark, Gate of Heaven Catholic Church.

Visitors can take advantage of the following facilities: If you rent a car for travel, you can take advantage of free parking right on the hotel premises.

There is a spacious and clean swimming pool. It is cleaned daily. There is a clean and well-maintained beach on the territory. Guests are offered umbrellas, sun loungers and towels on the beach. Availability of fitness center will not allow you to run yourself during the holidays. It is equipped with modern equipment made of European quality materials. The hotel administration gives a great opportunity to work off the calories you eat. Speaking of food: breakfasts are included in the price.

  • Each room has everything you need: a flat-screen TV with cable TV, a safe, an iron, a hairdryer, and air conditioning. If you don't get up well on your alarm clock and don't want to sleep in until dinner on your vacation, ask the receptionist to wake you up. Guest wake-up service is included in the room rate.
  • Almost all rooms have their own balconies, some of them overlooking the ocean.
  • Cleaning is done daily. It includes the change of bed linen, toiletries, as well as trash removal.
Hotel location:
  • PCJ Royal Palm Reserve - 3,3 mi
  • Crocodile Reserve & Bird Sanctuary - 3,5 mi
  • Negril Public Park - 3,8 mi
  • Seven Mile Beach - 1,1 mi
  • Half Moon Beach - 4,7 mi

  • Distance to airport: 30 mi
  • Distance to city center: 3,7 mi

Sandals Negril Beach advantages:

  • Great location of the hotel.
  • You can order a shuttle to/from the airport.
  • The staff is very friendly and helpful.
  • The rooms are always clean.

Sandals Negril Beach disadvantages:

  • According to reviews of real tourists no shortcomings revealed.

8. Hyatt Zilara Rose Hall

The cost of a vacation in Hyatt Zilara Rose Hall — $585 for 1 night for 2 adults.

Hotel feature: The hotel's own pavilion on the territory with souvenir stores, beach accessories, jewelry and cigars.

Another great hotel for a vacation without children. It is chosen by parents who are quite tired of doing chores at home, as well as those who just want to be alone. Territorially it is located near the beach Montego Bay.

The hotel complex is only 6 miles away from Montego Bay Airport. To get to the hotel, you can book a shuttle service. It is already included in the price of the hotel.

If you decide to get to the hotel by car or use a car rental service, you will be given a parking space absolutely free.

The Hyatt Zilara Rose Hall features a huge outdoor pool and Zen spa. Be sure to take the opportunity to give your body a rest.

If you are afraid to stay without communication on vacation, you can not think about this problem. All guests have free access to WI-FI, ask the administrator for the password.

All rooms of the hotel complex are as comfortable as possible. Each room has its own bathroom, which has a hair dryer. Each guest is provided with a set of toiletries: bathrobe, slippers, towel set, shampoo, soap, shower gel and body cream. All of them are renewed daily during room cleaning.

Hyatt Zilara Rose Hall has several excellent restaurants. Petit Pariz, Flavorz and Horizonz and bars Potionz-Zilara Lobby Bar, Islandz Bar. One of the bars is outdoors in the pool area. You can order food and drinks with delivery to your room.

Hotel location:
  • SOS Football Field - 2 mi
  • Cornwall Court Park - 4,8 mi
  • Jarrett Park - 7 mi
  • Tropical Bliss Beach - 6 mi

  • Distance to airport: 6 mi
  • Distance to city center: 7 mi

Hyatt Zilara Rose Hall advantages:

  • Each room has a flat-screen TV. You can watch satellite channels at any time.
  • Many rooms have an ocean view.
  • Balcony in every room.
  • Cozy and spacious, both in the room and throughout the hotel.
  • Excellent price/quality ratio.

Hyatt Zilara Rose Hall disadvantages:

  • Lack of staff attention to guests.
  • Sometimes it takes a long time to have food and drinks delivered to your room.

9. Excellence Oyster Bay

The cost of a vacation in Excellence Oyster Bay — $212 for 1 night for 2 adults.

Excellence Oyster Bay is not just a hotel in Jamaica, it's the ultimate luxury resort. It's for adults only, so if you're looking for peace of mind away from the kids, we're happy to congratulate you. You've found exactly what you were looking for!

Many tourists come to Jamaica to visit Water Square in person. And by the way, it's only a mile and a half from Excellence Oyster Bay, literally within walking distance. You just have to be there! Don't miss this opportunity.

Hotel rooms are very comfortable. The administration of the hotel complex carefully takes care of the guests' comfort. A flat-screen TV is provided for your use. You can watch satellite channels when you do not want to get out of the room.

Visitors to Excellence Oyster Bay are not afraid of the heat, because each room is equipped with powerful air conditioners.

  • Room service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Anything left over? No problem! Just put it away in the fridge and come back for a meal whenever you want.
  • By the way, you can arrange a romantic evening with your partner on the roof of the hotel. There is a cozy terrace.
  • Internet is free for each guest. You only need to ask the administrator for the WI-FI password.
  • Visitors who have already been to Excellence Oyster Bay note the first-class room service. Room cleaning is always done in time. Bed linen, bathrobes and towels are replaced daily.
  • If you come here by car or rent a car, you can use the parking absolutely free of charge.

  • Distance to airport: 18 mi
  • Distance to city center: 2 mi

Excellence Oyster Bay advantages:

  • Airport shuttle is free of charge.
  • There is a terrace on the roof of the hotel.
  • Tourists noted as an important advantage unobtrusive sellers on the beach.
  • Great food, delicious breakfasts, which are included in the price.

Excellence Oyster Bay disadvantages:

  • Lots of insects, there are weeds in the water.
  • Sometimes you have to wait a long time for food and drinks to be delivered to the room.
  • Some guests had problems with the air conditioning.

Which hotels are closest to the airport?

Here is a list of hotels that are closest: Sandals Montego Bay - 0,9 mi, Hyatt Zilara Rose Hall - 6 mi, Excellence Oyster Bay - 18 mi.

What are the best adults only all inclusive resorts near Dunn's River Falls and Park?

Some of the more popular adults only all inclusive resorts near Dunn's River Falls and Park include: Couples Sans Souci, Sandals Ochi Beach.

Which adults only all inclusive resorts in Jamaica offer a gym?

A gym is available to guests at the following adults only all inclusive resorts in Jamaica: Couples Tower Isle, Couples Sans Souci, Sandals Negril Beach.

Which adults only all inclusive resorts in Jamaica have rooms with great views?

These hotels received excellent reviews for the views from the rooms: Sandals Montego Bay, Couples Tower Isle, Couples Sans Souci.

Which adults only all inclusive resorts in Jamaica are romantic?

These adults only all inclusive resorts in Jamaica have been described as romantic by other travelers: Couples Tower Isle, Hedonism II, Couples Sans Souci.