Let’s note the main attractions of Tulum right away:

  • Temples of May.
  • Ancient Chichen Itza complex.
  • Beaches.
  • Cenotes.

What is important to know:

A few years ago, Tulum was considered by tourists, mainly in the context of a one-day visit to the famous Chichen Itza complex and the most beautiful local beaches.

However, social networks quickly did their job, and every year the number of guests at this resort is growing steadily. This, of course, affects not only the development of infrastructure but also the atmosphere. The expansion of free beaches is going very quickly, there are more and more people, and now it can hardly be called a quiet fishing village. Globalization is coming. Not far off is the hour when Tulum will hardly be called a paradise for introverts and lovers of quiet, secluded rest. Therefore, if you want to enjoy idyllic landscapes alone with nature, hurry up.

And yet, while Cancun and Playa del Carmen retain the title of the most famous beach resorts for fans of the all-inclusive system, Tulum is more attractive to travelers who do not like the noisy and crowded hotels on the Caribbean coast.

  • Recommendation: to be on time for everything and without haste to feel the atmosphere of the resort, we advise you to stay in Tulum for at least three days. Tulum is rightfully called the Pueblo Magico (and it is given only to the most deserving regions in Mexico).

Interesting fact: Tulum has the most beautiful beach in the world.

The beach «Playa Paraiso» (Paradise Beach) in Tulum, 2011 was voted the most beautiful beach in the world. Its length is about 6 miles. Snow-white and clean sand, an abundance of areas with shallow water, and a comfortable water temperature that persists all year round.

It is perfect for swimming and you can hide from the sun on hammocks in the shade of grand palm trees.

Please consider that his status greatly influences his attendance. Hypothetically, in places that are closer to the tourist infrastructure, thanks to the numerous tour groups, the beaches will be crowded even in the low season.

Of course, everyone can fall for a beautiful label, but let us remind you that the Tulum beach area is very long and there are incredible places where you can relax in a more comfortable atmosphere.

Recommended beaches:

1.Playa Ruinas

Just a fantastic place, because here the centuries-old temples of Maya literally hang above the water’s edge.

Amazing rocky landscapes, decorated with architectural monuments, will leave a lasting impression. The Lonely Planet guide considers Playa Ruínas the best beach in Tulum.

As you might guess, guides of tour groups adore it, so there will be a full house by lunchtime.

2.Playa las Palmas

It can be called one of the best beaches for sheltered swimming. There are only a couple of hotels here. The infrastructure is provided only for those who live in these hotels, so there is absolutely nowhere to hide from the sun (it makes sense to take care of your own beach umbrella).

It can even be called a secret place because not everyone can find it.

3.El Ultimo Maya

Those who are lucky enough to find this place can be envied. It really is a secret beach! He is 10 miles from Tulum and, if you want real privacy, just enter the name in the search bar of the navigator. It will lead you to the restaurant of the same name, hidden in the jungle, to which a dirt road leads. Behind it, there will be a really wild beach.

4.Playa Pescadores

It can be called the most instagrammable. Adored by photographers because of the unique atmosphere and magnificent landscapes.

And if you come here early in the morning, you can find a lot of fishing boats that provide local restaurants with fish and seafood. Generally, there will be something to capture. And it is definitely a gorgeous place.

5.Ahau Tulum beach

It is worth coming here, at least for the mark next to a massive wooden sculpture 33 feet high, which is also the entrance to the beach. This beach will appeal to extreme sports fans, who often stay here in a classy hotel, which we will talk about later.

Important: One of the most frequently asked questions about Mexican beaches concerns the copious amounts of seaweed that regularly wash ashore. Unfortunately, there is no indisputable answer to the question of where there are fewer algae. It depends on many factors. We list the main ones:

  • Seasonality: in winter, there are objectively fewer algae on the beaches of the Mexican coast, but it is impossible to say that they are not at all.
  • Location: the presence of tourist infrastructure implies the possibility of removing algae, however, responsible personnel are not everywhere and do not always manage to clean everything on time. Even though the authorities value the reputation of the resorts very much and try, as far as possible, to regularly remove algae from the coast. On wild beaches, this circumstance will simply have to come to terms, with since there are locations where there is simply no one to clean the seaweeds. After all, they are just sea plants! It is unlikely that a leaf fall on your street bakes much for you. Try not to focus too much on this and enjoy your vacation.

Architectural monuments of the Mayan era in Tulum:

Did you know that the Maya architecture remains in Tulum one of the most photographed places in the world?

Many are located right on the cliffs on the Caribbean coast and are among the best-preserved Mayan ruins. By the way: this is the only site of the former territory of the Maya tribes, which was located on the sea coast.

  • The cost of visiting starts from $85 without a guide.
  • Location: The Maya Rivers in Tulum is about 80 miles from Cancun
  • Opening hours: the main architectural monuments are available for visiting from 9:00 to 16:15.

The Best Time to Visit Mayan Ruins:

The best time to visit is early in the morning.

It’s still not very hot and, if you’re lucky, a light breeze will blow. Please note that already at 10 am, it may be uncomfortable here due to the scorching sun. And before noon, tourist buses from Cancun will start arriving, so it will be overcrowded.

  • Interesting fact: Tulum means «Fortress of the Dawn» in the Mayan language.

Diving in cenotes – caves filled with water:

What exactly are cenotes? These are unique geological formations in the form of karst sinkholes, which have appeared under the influence of underground waters and rivers. They can be combined into solid underground-underwater complexes from caves and pools of natural origin. They are very popular with divers, and in Mexico also because the warm climate allows you to comfortably dive at any time of the year. In total, there are more than 6,000 cenotes on the peninsula.

Fun Fact: During Mayan times, an underwater cave and lake complexes were used as sacrifices and simply as water sources.

There are quite a lot of cenotes in the Yucatan that you can visit, both with guides and by organizing an independent transfer. Some of them are easy to access, and others are not so easy to reach. The most famous, respectively, and the most visited cenote, is the Grand Cenote between Tulum and Coba. We offer to consider several more routes.

1.Rio Secreto

An amazing complex of an entire gallery of underground rivers and caves, which are decorated with stalactites and stalagmites. Considered to be the longest unflooded underground cave system in the Yucatan.


There are 7 cenotes here at once.

It is worth getting here, just because this complex is considered the closest in its conditions to those used by the Mayans. Such authenticity gives a special feeling of visiting. In addition, there is a lot of interesting entertainment here: from the ability to dive directly into the cenote from a thirty-foot height to descent into the water on the ropes.

3.Dos Ojos

It means «two eyes». These are two cenotes at once that connected with each other using a large cave.

A colony of bats lives in it: you should be aware of this. The cave itself extends for as much as 130 yards. The comfortable water temperature of 77 degrees Fahrenheit and crystal clear rainwater in the «pools» will give you a lot of pleasant visiting and swimming experiences.

  • Tip: Rent a car with a local chauffeur, because it can show places far from popular tourist routes, but no less valuable for that.

Transfer subtleties for those going to Tulum:

  • Duration of private transfer approx. 1 hour and approx. 70 mi.
  • Duration of the bus trip (including a stop in Playa del Carmen) 2 – 2.5 hours.

In Tulum itself, you are unlikely to need a car. A bicycle or scooter is enough to move around the resort and its surroundings. You can rent them right here.

The beach in Tulum is located 2 mi from the center of the village. Mayan ruins are 2,5 mi away.

Many places can be easily reached on foot.


As you already know, the best option to enjoy a good rest in Tulum is to stay here for a few nights. We have compiled a short list of hotels that you might like.

1.Ahau Tulum

Bungalow-type hotel.

The difference between the rooms is in the category. Some may have their own beach access. Equipped with all necessary amenities. And since this location is popular with athletes, the infrastructure will offer numerous pleasant options.

In addition to all kinds of sports activities, you can also do yoga and meditation at dawn.

2.Hotel Villa Pescadores

Do you remember our mention of one of the best beaches in Tulum? The Hotel Villa Pescadores will enchant you with its location and, most importantly, you will have at your disposal the same picturesque beach. And it is located next to the archaeological zone.

Rooms are equipped with king-size beds. Balconies watching the sea or the lush tropical garden.

The hotel has a beach club, a restaurant, and in-room massage services.

3.Mi Amor Colibri Boutique Hotel en Tulum

  • Adults-only hotel.

Great rooms with huge beds. Spa center, free wi-fi, a great restaurant where you can take a break from Mexican cuisine, concierge services, and a swimming pool – all the delights of a worthy vacation.

4.Hotel Azulik Tulum

Quite interesting combination of authentic Mexican style, luxury, eco-friendly concept, and first-class service.

The hotel has 48 villas, each with a distinct eco-friendly design, some with bathtubs watching the sea.
The hotel also offers interesting trekking routes through the jungle. And after a busy walk, you can enjoy the exquisite gastronomy of four restaurants on the territory of the hotel complex.

The hotel also famous for Ik Lab Art Gallery, Maya Spa, Zak Ik Ancestral Medicine Center, Ik Al Beauty Sanctuary, and Zak Ik Boutique.

Another special feature is the private nude beach.

5.Papaya Playa Project

Here you can choose from a variety of categories – from beautiful rooms to bungalows and original jungle huts with a rooftop pool.
Guests can use the restaurant, cafe, and beach club. They also praise the local wellness center with yoga and meditation classes, temazcal, and spa services.

This hotel is also known for hosting famous electronic music parties featuring the world’s top DJs.

It is worth noting that all of the above hotels are likely to cost you a pretty penny. Although the quality of the services provided should not cause any complaints. Of course, there are austerer accommodation options on the coast and in Tulum itself, but you risk sacrificing quality.

The resort professes ecological tourism, so at inexpensive hotels, you may encounter a lack of basic amenities of civilization. Although, of course, someone can do without hot water for a few days.

Generally, we have listed almost everything you need when traveling to Tulum, but, for sure, you will discover something new!